Spoilt by spices

Two friends of mine had been on a trip to Europe a couple of years ago. Both of them were vegetarians. Now, being a vegetarian in South India is great. You always have lots of tasty variety to choose from. But it’s a little different on a Europe trip. In the beginning, they were all … More Spoilt by spices

Patience pays off

Who would have thought that spending an entire afternoon in the weekend-crowded park at Raja’s seat would turn out to be so interesting and we would deliberately spend another entire afternoon there! Our driver and guide for the day ditched us halfway through the day and we ended up at Raja’s seat almost around 4 p.m. on … More Patience pays off

Secret sauce

What is common between a good spouse, a good hair-dresser and a good customer success executive? Weird question? Let’s look at two quick stories. A couple of months ago, I went to a new salon to get a haircut. The hair dresser asked me multiple questions to know how exactly I wanted my hair. What … More Secret sauce