The Spilling Dusk

clouds sunset 2

The captain announced – we have congestion
And so before landing, we did a fun flying session

The plane kept moving through the dark clouds around
They seemed like dungeons of some pirates uncrowned

At sunset when itโ€™s clouded, I had seen a silver lining
But this time it was different; as we passed the last cloud
As if we crossed through jungles and found a work of gold mining
The dusk spilling on clouds beneath, I could only be wowed

Another turn in the air, and I see something only to amuse
A piece of broken rainbow was resting on the cotton cartouche

I wish I could break the window and jump on those fluffy futons
Feeling the air in my hair, just curl up and roll on and on

We kept flying on, with a dreamland few inches under
To top it all, now we need to swirl; wishfully do I wonder

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