Beyond the ridge


Every new relationship is a valley
With unknown mysteries hidden in its belly
At the onset, you never know what’s in there
Charming landscapes, or horror and scare

And every step taking you closer to the person
From a stranger to an acquaintance,
From an acquaintance to a friend,
And from a friend to a close companion,
Is a step closer up to the ridge of that canyon

Bringing you closer and closer to the view
But still revealing it only in pieces
Mulching cannonballs in your stomach
Wondering what it finally discloses
Rivers, snow peaks and beautiful woods
Or a volcano with blazes and demons in hoods

It’s a big decision to go so close to a person
Go so close to the ridge, to take that chance
For it takes love and courage, really strong
To know the risk of being hurt, and still go glance

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