Patience pays off

Who would have thought that spending an entire afternoon in the weekend-crowded park at Raja’s seat would turn out to be so interesting and we would deliberately spend another entire afternoon there!

Our driver and guide for the day ditched us halfway through the day and we ended up at Raja’s seat almost around 4 p.m. on Saturday. Got a ticket, saw the park, walked the toy train track, ate an ice cream and finally settled down on a seat waiting for the sunset. Coorg had been the same old touristy place, a namesake hill station with no cooler air than even that in Bangalore city! We were feeling a little disheartened, because before heading for Coorg, we had seen all the ‘Scotland of India’ pictures on web.

A couple of minutes after sitting there, we realised that in the bush near our seat had a beautiful bird. We hadn’t noticed it so far, because the bush was full of yellow flowers and the bird was yellow too. I took my camera out and Piyu took hers.

By the time we could click any pictures, it flew away. But in a minute we realised that it wasn’t the only one. There were many more. And there were many kinds.

After this point, I shouldn’t say any words. I should just show you the pictures 🙂


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Another lady of the family
Purple sunbird – male


Gem of a pose 1
Gem of a pose 2
A baby sunbird – presumably female

Moral of the story: Patience pays off.
When we are travelling – to the less known places or to the popular touristy places – expecting that the travel always will serve exciting experiences and amazing views ready in your plate might just leave us disappointed and disconcerted. Travel is fun when we learn to pay attention to details – of the nature, of people, of history and of the culture.

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