First blog post

Technically, this is not my first blog post. However I would appeal my readers to start here. I am going to keep this introduction short and sweet.

When I started writing, I heard various reactions. Some inspiring, some inspired, some skeptical. But one question bugged me the most – Why do you write?

Difficult question, but eventually I found the answer. I will save the long answer in for those who want to go into that.
For the rest, here is a quick answer.

Earlier I had categorised my posts under travel, education, business, relationships,poetry and what not.. With every other post, I probably had to add a new category!
Gradually I realised that they just can’t fit everything I want to write. Also that one single category cannot depict the article in the best way!

Now I categorise my posts in dreamy life and real life.. Dreamy life is the way I would like life to be. Real life is some bitter realisations that life brings along!
Are these two categories absolutely mutually exclusive? Not quite. Both are more or less overlapping with each other.

(I will end up revising this categorisation again and again. But that’s for later.)

Happy reading 🙂

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